Election of shop stewards and occupational safety representatives

Shop stewards

Play the most important role in terms of PAM’s advocacy efforts: they see to it that their own workplace complies with the union’s most important member benefit – the collective agreement. At workplaces, shop stewards represent PAM and the employees who are members of PAM. PAM members can turn to their workplace shop steward for help and advice on employment issues. Shop stewards also communicate information about PAM member benefits and events to workplaces.

At a workplace, a shop steward is elected by employees who are members of PAM, whereas elections for an occupational safety representative are always open to all employees.

Election time 1.10. - 31.12.2017

Electing occupational health and safety representatives

At health and safety elections, employees elect an occupational health and safety (OHS) representative, a first deputy OHS representative and a second deputy OHS representative. Based on the collective agreements governing certain PAM sectors, it is also possible to elect an OHS representative for employees and another OHS representative for supervisors.

The employer and employees must negotiate the structure of the OHS organisation even before the first election and whenever any changes are being planned. Based on the size and structure of the company, the parties will agree whether to elect regional OHS representatives and a head OHS representative or OHS delegates, for example. The sector’s agreement on co-operation in occupational health and safety specifies the type of organisation that can be created in each sector. The term of office of representatives may be 2 or 4 years.

At the same time, the parties must agree on the composition and election method of the occupational health and safety committee. In companies operating in a broad geographical area and/or comprising several sectors or employee groups, it is important for each group to feel that they are represented in occupational health and safety issues.

Election committee

The election committee deals with practical election arrangements, including:

  • providing information on the candidate nomination process and the time of the election meeting;
  • holding a vote in the event that there are more candidates than positions;
  • providing information on election results for employees, the employer and PAM.